Embroidery is the process of decorating fabric using needle and colored thread. It is considered an upscale look and often used for corporate wear on polos, dress shirts, jackets, and handbags. 



 Appliqué is ornamental needlwork in which pieces of fabric in different shapes and patterns are sewn or stuck onto a larger piece to form a picture or pattern. It it commonly used as decoration, especially on garments. The technique is accomplished either by hand or machine. Appliqué is commonly practised with textile ,but the term may be applied to similar techniques used on different materials. In the context of ceramics, for example, an appliqué is a separate piece of clay added to the primary work, generally for the purpose of decoration. 



 3D foam (3D Puff) is a technique where foam is inserted under the top stitch to raise the surface, giving a three-dimensional look to your embroidery designs.The 3Dfoam effect is commonly used on garments that don't require much washing.